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The questions of what makes a good leader — in other words, what are leadership skills — is widely debated. The ability to lead relies on a number of key skills, but different leaders have different styles of leadership.

Join us with our expert speaker Dr. Shadma Parveen a dynamic Certified Trainer from Dale Carnegie Training India & Gold Medalist in MBA (HR) from AMU with 13+ years of experience and learn how anyone can develop their skills in leadership and become an effective leader and a successful professional.

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Other Programs

We conduct programs/events for: 

  1. Training the Zakat volunteers
  2. Integration of all stakeholders of the Zakat Ecosystem – Zakat NGOs, Muftis, Imams, AMP Volunteers, Zakat Donors, Zakat Beneficiaries, Trustees and other Service providers.
  3. Establishment of a network of Zakat volunteers in every Locality, Town and City
  4. Workshops for Zakat Donors to enhance their awareness
  5. Zakat Awareness Workshops for High Net-worth(HNI) Zakat Donors
  6. Release of Zakat videos
  7. AMP Web talks on Zakat Compliant Society: