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Available Roles

IndiaZakat.com (IZC) Ambassador:

This is a voluntary position that aims to identify exceptional individuals in the society who are ready to create a ‘Positive Change’ in the community through IndiaZakat.com (IZC) platform. The Volunteers who join IndiaZakat.com initiative to help the needy Zakat seekers achieve their requirement for Education, Livelihood, Medical or Disaster relief qualifies to be called as the IZC Ambassador.

The primary responsibility of IZC Ambassador is to

  1. Create awareness about IZC and connect people - Zakat Donors as well as Seekers
  2. You may help in raising the Causes for the needy
  3. You shall promote these causes in your social media platforms and among your contacts, so maximum donors are connected with, for these causes.
  4. You shall also help Social Organizations/NGOs create their causes for the furtherance of their work in their local/geographical areas to bring in the positive change they aim to through the IZC platform

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Due Diligence (KYC) Volunteers

This is another important voluntary position that aims to achieve our mission, which is to make sure that the donations reach the needy. The volunteer will be responsible for due diligence and physical verification of the causes raised from your city and will check the applicant's background, the truthfulness of the story and provide your recommendation on whether the causes are genuine or not.

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Volunteer for Operations

IndiaZakat.com is a step in the direction of mobilizing the collection of Zakat, Sadqa, Fitra, and other charities in a collaborative way and channelizing these collections for providing benefits to the poor and backward sections of the society for their overall survival, upliftment, development, and growth. We encourage and invite individuals for volunteer opportunities to be an active part of our activities and share the same vision and purpose as us – to work for the welfare of the community.

Opportunities to join our team

  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creative Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Operations Cause Manager

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IZC Internship 2021

This is a learning opportunity that invites committed and dynamic Students to attend Summer Internships 2021 with us. This will be a voluntary internship, which aims to recognize exceptional Students, who are Leaders and who can contribute to creating a ‘Positive Change’ in the Community through IndiaZakat.com (IZC) platform. To register as an Intern.

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You can make big difference just by volunteering for 2 hours per day!